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League Of Legends is increasing its player base. The legendary MOBA is expanding its power across the globe, winning Asian & African markets. The addictive gameplay and fun experience makes LoL incredible!
Its not a secret that fans of LoL are trading and sharing accounts with each other to gain advantage and climb the ELO ladder more efficiently.

Today I want to mention a couple of tips for accounts sharing.

  • Make sure you trust the person
  • Double check the email and password
  • Write down the amount of LP and verify it
  • Verify all the skins and in-game items
  • Double check the rankings and ELO of the account

These small steps will help you be safer with your League journey!
Also I have a very cool video for you, basically, an example of what can be accomplished if you work hard and dedicate a lot of time to the game. This video shows an account that is work $5000+!!! As a League player, I thought it was remarkable and inspiring, so check out the video:

I would like to finalize with the words: keep focusing on improvement but also be careful and pay attention to safety. Because these things will help you accomplish mind blowing results, similar to what you have seen in the video.

Signing out – Joe Lancer

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