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How to Win In LoL Like A Pro

Who is Considered Best ADC Player in LoL?

League of Legends has definitely changed the life of many people since its launch. Some people are playing simply to have fun and clear their minds off while some are dedicating their life to the game in the pursuit of a good e-sport career. Just like many e-sport games, to be a top player, you need great reflexes to respond and game knowledge that comes with practice. So it is clear that LoL takes a lot -talking about thousands of hours here-  time to master but the best players in LoL have also talent playing this game.

There are many champion classes in LoL but the class that eliminates the opposing team in fights, the one that carries the game with the support of others is the ADC. So who is the best ADC player in LoL? To answer this question, there are a lot of ADC players that can easily be the nominee for being the best, but even though it is debatable the general majority view is that Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao is considered the best ADC player in LoL.

Who is Uzi (Jian Zi-Hao)?

Uzi (Jian Zi-Hao) is a retired League of Legends player that is considered the best ADC player in League of Legends history. He was only 23 when he retired from LoL due to his illness. Almost every player in LoL would know his name and his incredible playing style. His talents brought him not only this level of fame but also approximately $545,000. He may not be the one player that achieved the most titles, but his unique playing style and skills are enough to conclude that he is the best ADC player in LoL history.

He started his professional career at Royal Club in 2012. With success he brought to the teams he played in, he switched many teams and had the chance to have experience in different LoL teams. These were Star Horn Royal Club (which defeated the Samsung White in 2014, one of the best teams at that time), OMG, Royal Never give up. After joining Royal Never Give Up, he stayed there until he retired from his professional LoL Career.

What Makes Uzi the Best ADC Player in LoL?

His incredible talent of playing and understanding the game is definitely one of the biggest reasons that make Uzi the best ADC player in League of Legends history. Some players may object to this and say that the best ADC in LoL history is Bang since he is a two times worlds champion or any other player. As a matter of fact, they can be correct because determining the best ADC player is highly subjective and the criteria may differ from player to player.

Another important factor that makes Uzi the best ADC player in LoL is that he has the mechanics control in a god-level tier. He is capable of playing with ADC champions to their full potential. In many of his previous games, the teammates of Uzi build their entire game strategy on Uzi since he is the key factor and a game-changer. Due to this fact, you might often hear from players saying Uzi is a LoL God!

In his peak times, players considered him as the main rival of Faker, who is one of the best mid laners in the LoL history and still active as of today. Standing against the world-class was certainly a very hard job but Uzi managed to do it.

What is Uzi’s Playstyle in LoL?

As stated before Uzi definitely has a very unique playing style. He is so talented in the game that he manages to play all ADC heroes on a good mechanical level, thanks to his time spent for practice. We can also say that since he was usually the key player in his teams, he expected a lot from his teammates. Having an expectation as an ADC player is not a surprising thing, so we shouldn’t be surprised when the best ADC in LoL has a high level of expectation from his teammates. This expectation was not just in-game most probably, since being the key player in a team would make you a lot of external pressure.

Moreover, he usually played with champions that had a good mobility in the game. This way he was able to dodge enemy gangs many times and ran away in the critical moments of the game. Unlike some players, he liked to play the game fast; dashing and speeding up were his favorite styles which fits the spirit of the League of Legends perfectly!

What are Uzi’s Signature Champions?

Uzi is the master of many ADC champions, but Uzi’s favorite champions are Vayne, Lucian, Kai’Sa, and Xayah. These champions fitted his personality and his playing style during his professional career and he carried a lot of games with them!

Playing casual games in League of Legends is one way to have quite a lot of fun but playing other game modes definitely worth your time! Throughout the years, Riot has developed many game modes and events. The best ones are still playable today like All Random All Mid (ARAM). These game modes bring more entertainment when you play with your friends, but picking the best 1v1 champions and opposing your friend is one of the best ways to enjoy LoL! 

Playing 1v1 is not only fun to play with a friend. Sometimes, some player from the game challenges you and you might want to show him what you got! The increased level of competition brings more excitement in this kind of situation. Moreover, you get to settle with the enemy team player who has been abusing you throughout the game. 1v1 mode gives you the opportunity to pay back the player who annoys you during the game. So that when you win the 1v1 by picking the best 1v1 champions in League of Legends, you get the maximum level of satisfaction! But of course, you need to pick the right champion to beat and settle with your opponent. Certain champions can have more advantages in this game mode so you have to have some knowledge about this.

Pick The Best 1v1 Champions to Dominate!

The best 1v1 champions can be different for you due to your mechanical skills and experience in the game. If you don’t have so much experience then some champions that are hard to play might not be the best for you. We highly recommend practicing champions with bots or from smurfs, if needed you can buy league accounts through providers. After regarding this, we can say that generally, Yasuo, Lee Sin, Renekton, and Jax are the best 1v1 champions. Note that these champions can differ in later patches of the game. And also, these champions can differ from player to player and they are heavily subjective. 

With that being said, let’s take a look at these champions:


Surely, Yasuo is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. But its win rate is not that high amount low-elo players. A Yasuo master can skillfully play with him, but if you are only a beginner it might be very hard for you to control and use all the abilities at the right time with Yasuo. If you think that you have enough experience with him, you might flex with Yasuo in 1v1 game mode and beat your opponent. You can deal an incredible amount of damage and fast attack with his Q. Farming with Yasuo is also easier due to his damage, but you have to be patient to attack your opponent. If you wait until level 6, with your ultimate (R) you can deal great burst damage and finish your opponent with fast attacks.

Lee Sin

Another complex and mechanically hard champion is definitely Lee Sin. Executing the abilities while playing our blind monk friend can be really tough, but once you are able to do it, you will be able to kill your opponent in the most flexible way possible. The reason why Lee Sin is one of the best 1v1 champs in League of Legends, is not simply he deals a great amount of damage and bursts. He is hard to play with, and achieving this hard play will make your opponent more demoralized, and winning with the blind monk will give you more satisfaction than usual. For some people, playing Lee Sin at a high-level skill is simply an art. We are not sure if this is an exaggeration or not, but the comment on this is up to you!


Some player considers Renekton as the best 1v1 champion, but the truth is there cannot be “a best” 1v1 champion since every player have different skill levels and there are a lot of champions that can outplay each other. The best part about Renekton is that he is a bit of both in being a tank and dealing damage. Since keeping your HP level up and dealing damage are the two crucial factors in the 1v1 mode, Renekton is very successful in this game mode. Moreover, his W can stun the enemy, and then he can use his ultimate to deal bonus damage. Finally, he can finish off his opponent with a burst generated by his first ability (Q). If your opponent picks Renekton, just don’t forget to be aware!


And finally, Jax is one of the best 1v1 champions in League of Legends. He has incredible attack speed which makes him a lot more advantageous than his opponent. Also, with his basic attacks, he can stack his attacks and gain a bonus attacking speed. His Q makes him mobile, allowing him to jump into enemies. With W, he can deal bonus magical damage. Dealing bonus damages and high attack speeds are really important in 1v1 game mode since there is no ally champion to support or tank you around. 

He can also gain evasion with his third skill (E). This is another crucial factor that will give you a big advantage in 1v1. Since there is no support to heal you or help you run, evasion can help you to dodge attacks that can potentially kill you. His ultimate ability is also very helpful for 1v1 game mode, it gives you extra basic damage to deal passively. Jax might be a champion that can require fast reflexes, but there are certainly harder champions than him.



League Of Legends is increasing its player base. The legendary MOBA is expanding its power across the globe, winning Asian & African markets. The addictive gameplay and fun experience makes LoL incredible!
Its not a secret that fans of LoL are trading and sharing accounts with each other to gain advantage and climb the ELO ladder more efficiently.

Today I want to mention a couple of tips for accounts sharing.

  • Make sure you trust the person
  • Double check the email and password
  • Write down the amount of LP and verify it
  • Verify all the skins and in-game items
  • Double check the rankings and ELO of the account

These small steps will help you be safer with your League journey!
Also I have a very cool video for you, basically, an example of what can be accomplished if you work hard and dedicate a lot of time to the game. This video shows an account that is work $5000+!!! As a League player, I thought it was remarkable and inspiring, so check out the video:

I would like to finalize with the words: keep focusing on improvement but also be careful and pay attention to safety. Because these things will help you accomplish mind blowing results, similar to what you have seen in the video.

Signing out – Joe Lancer