Hey everyone. I’m Joe Lancer.

A crazy fan of League of Legends. It all started with addictive MOBA gameplay back in the days when we used to go to the gaming clubs and play on LAN. Shortly I got into the university and there was this new things trending called – LOL.

My friends got me into it and at the time I was studying IT, but was very curious about journalism. And eventually the latter one became my main passion in life.

After a while I decided to start a blog and a “journal” about something that is very close to me, something that gave me a lot of great experience and fun memories, and this is how JoeBox blog was started.

And I’m here to just share and show cool things to you. And besides that I’m willing to share some secrets I’ve learned about League and how it runs.

So, random visitor, thank you very much for reading through my blog. And I hope you will love it!