What is Hybrid Analysis?

Pure dynamic analysis is not enough anymore these days, as malware evolves and detects sandbox systems. Often, the real payload is not executed and triggered through timebombs or other mechanisms. Combining static with dynamic analysis in a hybrid solution is a next generation approach when it comes to malware analysis (see our blogpost). As data load grows, we need performant and intelligent solutions. That is what we believe to offer with VxStream Sandbox - a fully automated malware analysis solution with integrated Hybrid Analysis technology.

Our latest news

Do you have a demo?

We are running a free malware analysis service for the IT-Security community at hybrid-analysis.com that is running with the latest version and a default configuration. Go ahead and submit your executable files for an in-depth analysis and take a look at our reports.

Your Benefits

  • Software that works +

    We offer industry-oriented, state of the art software that adds real value and intelligence.
  • Clean Report Design +

    Our reports are clean and do not overload, but in-depth information is available on demand.
  • Simple Interfaces +

    Our interfaces are simple (pure filesystem or REST API) and thus integrating VxStream Sandbox into
  • Highly Configurable +

    We have a very open system, adapt quickly and users can edit almost anything.
  • Direct Tech-Support +

    We offer direct access to our technical developers and implement features you request.
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  • Being able to detect unknown threats based not only on their runtime behavior, but also on potential behavior is a great benefit. We love Hybrid Analysis and VxStream Sandbox is just so easy to use.
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